What To Do If Your Carpet Steam Cleaner Leaks?

It’s pretty easy to run into this situation, your carpet steam cleaner leaking!

It’s not fun, and it might happen at random times. With today’s steam cleaners, it can often be pretty easy to test a few things and get it fixed.

Finding some troubleshooting info?

First of all, consult the manual, sometimes they warn of common issues and there might be a simple troubleshooting solution outlined.

If that doesn’t yield any good info, try the Web. Searching online can reveal solutions.

Test a few things

In addition to finding info about trying to fix a leak, it also is pretty easy to test a few things on your own.

Simply detach and reattach the water containers, for instance, and try to focus on testing places where seals exist on removable parts.

For example, I ran into an issue where my steam cleaner wasn’t sucking any water up off the carpet, it was pretty alarming. It’s not fun to see a bunch of detergent on the carpet, scrubbed in nicely, and not getting sucked back out by the cleaner.

I removed the waste water tank and reattached it, trying to get a better attachment on the seals. It worked again. Magic!

So, I guess what I’m trying to get at is that sometimes you just need to tinker and you might find that the solution is pretty simple. Hopefully.

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