My Cats Always Decide To Puke On The Carpet

I don’t know if they are just trying to push my buttons, but my cats know exactly what type of stuff to do to make me wonder about their dedication to keeping a clean home. Whenever they puke, they always decide to go for the carpeting, the nice, clean carpeting that I would rather not […]

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Carpet Steam Cleaner Buying Tips

When you are looking for a carpet steam cleaner, you start to notice a few of the same features or specs from machine to machine. Clearing path width, water capacity, brush rotation, heating capabilities and more. All of these are things that you need to look out for. We’re going to take a quick look […]

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Renting vs Hiring vs Buying Carpet Cleaners

It’s a popular question. Should I rent a carpet cleaner? Should I just hire somebody? Should I just buy one? There’s valid reasons and arguments for all situations. Personally, I like to have my own carpet cleaner at home, for spot cleaning and cleaning my carpets on my own. And then maybe hire somebody to […]

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More Hoover Steamvac Photos Coming Soon

We will be adding some new Hoover Steamvac photos and videos in the upcoming days, check back for more. We have tested this machine on our carpets and will be able to give some pretty good insight on how it works and what sort of features it has. We will be taking a few days […]

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