How To Get Sticky, Nasty Gum Out Of Carpet

Have you ever gotten gum on the carpet? And got it stuck in there really good? Nope? Then you are lucky.

If you have, it can be intimidating at first to have to think about cleaning up a mess of sticky gum on carpet. But it can actually be kinda easy to clean up.

Try using WD-40. Did you know it has thousands of uses? I just used some the other day to fix a squeaky car door. And also to get some gunk off of a metal shelf. Check out all the different ways you can buy it, many different sizes and even pens.

Spray the gum/carpet down good. Scrap with a stiff brush or a blade, depending on your carpet type. Be patient, it will come out, just don’t overdo it and cut or scrape the carpet too heavily. Once you have the gum removed from the carpet, use something to clean up the WD-40. I like to work the spot over with my carpet cleaner/extractor and use a carpet cleaning detergent to help get the WD-40 out of the carpet. It does a nice job of cleaning up the stuff left behind during something like a gum-from-carpet extraction.

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