Carpet Steam Cleaner Buying Tips

When you are looking for a carpet steam cleaner, you start to notice a few of the same features or specs from machine to machine.

Clearing path width, water capacity, brush rotation, heating capabilities and more. All of these are things that you need to look out for. We’re going to take a quick look at the major features you will need to consider when buying one of these carpet cleaning machines for home use.

Affordability vs. High Price

One thing you will notice is that there is a large range in prices for all sorts of classes of carpet cleaners. You will be able to find steam carpet cleaners for as cheap as $80 and as expensive as $600 or more.

The cheaper ones are designed more for light use, use in smaller homes, or for spot cleaning. They can do a good job cleaning large areas too, but you will need to be more patient, maybe too patient for some users in these situations.

Large more expensive machines are capable of cleaning larger areas effectively with fewer maintenance concerns.

Brush Action

Some carpet cleaners have brushes that rotate. Some have brushes that rotate multiple directions. Some have multiple brushes that rotate multiple directions. And so on. The point is that there are a lot of options here depending on what models you look at.

Two nice feature to look for here is brushes that rotate both ways and brushes that can be removed easily for cleaning.

Spot Cleaning Ability

Some models have specific spot cleaning modes or surge modes that apply more detergent or water to the areas that need extra attention. This feature can be useful if you have to deal with tough spot for any reason.

Hose Length

Machines with longer hoses are going to be easier to use in situations where you need to use the attachments. If you are going to be cleaning a lot of upholstery or stairs, a longer hose will be a better option for you.

Power Cord Length

If you need to roam long distances in your home when cleaning the carpets, a longer power cord can come in handy, for obvious reasons.

Water Container Size

This is important to look at in all models that appeal to you. If you want lighter operating weight, get something with smaller water containers. If you want to make less trips to fill or empty water during usage, get a machine with larger water containers. Some machines have quite large water containers but can also be heavier during operation. However, larger water tanks is the only way to go if you have large areas to clean.

Separate Detergent Compartments

The machines that let you keep the detergent separate from the clean water are a little more efficient in that you don’t waste any detergent that you don’t use. Also, these machines prevent you from having to pre-mix detergent and water, which can be a little more efficient during usage.

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