I Can’t Believe How Convenient This Steam Cleaner Is

I recently bought a new carpet steam cleaner, a Hoover. I like it quite a bit, it has the SpinScrub brushes and it pretty easy to use, fill and clean.

It’s ready for action quickly

The one thing that I was really surprised about, after I bought this machine, was how convenient it really is to be able to take it out of the closet and have it ready for cleaning action in a matter of minutes or less. The water container (with the detergent reservoir) just pops right off and is about the right size to fit under the faucet in the kitchen sink.

I just run a bunch of hot water into, dump in some detergent, attach it to the machine again, and go. It’s really that easy. I can clean up after a cat mess in less than 10 minutes, 5 if I’m really on the ball, but you get the idea.

Cleaning up after cats…

If one of my cats pukes on the carpet, for example, I can clean it up quickly with just a couple paper towels, spray it with oxy clean or something like that, and then get the steam cleaner out and nail that spot too, to clean it up for good. This doesn’t take much time at all, and it’s now a lot less annoying to me when the cats do make some sort of mess like this.

Almost as easy as a vacuum

I had never thought that a machine like this would have been as easy to use as a vacuum cleaner. With my bagless vacuum I still need to empty containers and maintain it, much like the steam cleaner. The only additional time that is required by the steam cleaner is the water filling and the fact that you just need to go a lot slower with a steam cleaner to be effective.

In fact, I have my steam cleaner sitting right next to my vacuum in the storage closet, and I reach for both quite often. It’s nice to know that I’ll be able to clean up after messes without having to put in too much effort, being as lazy as I can tend to be.

I’m the type of person that just likes to be able to take care of problems quickly, and move on quickly, without dwelling on them before taking action. That is why I like the convenience of the steam cleaner, it allows me to take action on the stuff that needs to be cleaned with little effort, and I get to forget about it about as fast as something needed a little cleaning action.

It’s pretty amazing that such powerful cleaning tools are available these days. Between the steam cleaner, the vacuum and the Shark dustbuster machine I’m able to clean up after the cats without much effort, which is pretty nice for keeping a clean apartment.

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