Review: Hoover FH50035 Quick & Light Carpet Cleaner

Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner w Powerbrush FH50035Hoover is a well known company for the quality carpet cleaning machines that they provide to parents, singletons, and companies. The Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner combine the cleaning power of the typical Hoover and pairs it with a light weight design for convenience and ease for the user. It quickly and efficiently removes dirt and particles that have been tracked onto the carpet. It dries quickly and is wonderful for high traffic areas like hallways, bedrooms, living room walkways, and more. The rating for the Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner are wonderfully positive.


  • Washes carpet to look like new
  • Removes dirt that has been on the carpet for long periods of time
  • Dries very quickly
  • Provides deep cleaning with Power Brush
  • Design is light weight: easy to lift and carry
  • Stair cleaning tool

The Reviews

One consumer reported that they enjoyed the fact that it is light weight, but went on to say that they had to go over specific areas of the carpet multiple times to be able to lift the dirt. They also said that it left their carpet more saturated than anticipated. It proved to become a hassle when cleaning their carpet. Another consumer reported that they are a loyal Hoover consumer; however, they were disappointed in this specific machine. Their complaint was that the water tank that was to hold the dirty water was too small for their liking. They had to empty it multiple times while cleaning the carpet.

Even though those are valid complaints, the Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner is recommended due to the numerous positive reviews that it received. One consumer wanted to report that their carpet was five years old, which means that the dirt build up wash unbelievably thick. They purchased the Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner and was so happy that they did not have to replace their carpet. They used the machine and it looked like new when the job was done. They had a specific stain that was getting to them; they were very pleased that the stain is now gon and the carpet smells fresher than any new carpet that they could have purchased to replace the old carpet.

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The Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner also has been praised for the light weight design. There are consumers that have back conditions. This makes carpet cleaning very painful and difficult. However, the design that the Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner offers not only provided them with a safe way to clean the carpet, they reported that they had no back pain when it was complete.

Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner w Powerbrush FH50035 bottom

Overall, the Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner FH50035 is definitely a highly recommended carpet washer due to all of the positive experiences that have been provided by previous consumers. If you are looking for a new washer, then purchase the Hoover Quick and Light Carpet Cleaner.

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