Review: Bissell 17N4 DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner

Bissell DeepClean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner 17N4The Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner provides an excellent way to enjoy your pets without the smell radiating from your carpets. Bissell Inc. has provided machines with high-power quality since the 1880s. It was established in 1883 when they built the first manufacturing plant located in Grand Rapids. In the 1890s, the company became internationally known for their topnotch machines.

They did it again with the Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner. This cleaner includes features that other cleaners on the market do not. This makes the Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner exceptionally wonderful for those who own pets.


  • Has heat wave technology installed in the machine for consistent water warmth management.
  • Includes a deep-reach pet tool to clean carpets and embedded pet stains.
  • Has a dual-power brush system with 12 cleaning rows. It pulls deeply embedded dirt from your carpets.
  • Has a pet hair basket to make sure that the machine does not get clogged due to pet hairs embedded into the carpet.
  • Includes a large 1.25 gallon tank for fewer trips to empty and fill.

The Reviews

Of course, there are negative reviews from a few consumers, but overall the reviews are very positive. There were a few consumers who reported issues with the brushes. They seemed to have problems with the spinning action. This forced them to contact customer service for a replacement machine. Another consumer reported that the tank seemed to be leaking. Again, customer service was able to handle the situation and replaced the machine.

A couple of the consumers who had great experiences shared that they were very impressed at the high quality job that the Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner provided. One lady stated that she was so impressed with the assembly. Her husband was able to put the Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner together in less than five minutes, and she was able to clean the carpets as soon as the machine arrived.

The same consumer also stated that her carpets are cream colored, and the dirt stands out like a sore thumb. It tends to hold in pet odors as well. When she was done using her Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner, the carpets looked new again and were very fresh smelling. She went on to state that the machine is extremely easy to fill and empty.

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Another amazingly satisfied consumer stated that he was not aware of how dirty his carpets actually were until he cleaned them with the Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner. It provided such a deep clean that it removed dirt that was not even visible.The Bissell Deep Clean Premier Pet Carpet Cleaner is extremely recommended not only for those who have pets but for anyone who wants their carpets to look good as new. It will remove dirt that you did not even know existed. It will keep the floors safe for you, your pets, and, more importantly, your children.

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