Get More Out Of Your Carpet Cleaner With These Tips

If you decide to get a steam carpet cleaner for you home, first of all, good idea!

A machine like this will help you keep your carpets clean, much more clean that you can do with a regular vacuum. Have you ever thought about what’s down in that carpet of yours? Especially if you live in an apartment that has had previous renters, do you really want to know what’s down in that carpet?

Using a steam cleaner on your carpets will get them looking like new and smelling fresh again. But you need to pay attention to a few quick tips before using a new carpet cleaner, they may help you get better results from your machine.

Hot Water

Many steam carpet cleaners that are in the more affordable price ranges (and even some more expensive ones) don’t have heaters for the water. They rely on you putting in hot water if you want hot water to be used during the cleaning process.

There is no doubt that hot water will clean better.

Some users like to boil water and add that to their machines before beginning work. This will help you clean very well, but if you aren’t careful you could burn yourself with the hot water. So if you decide to follow through with this tip, and use very hot water in your machine, just be careful!

Check a New Machine for Leaks

Some buyers have leaking problems with their new carpet cleaners, this tends to be common. The matter of the fact is that these machines use water, so there is potential for leaks. When assembling any new cleaner, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly and to assemble everything well. If something has a seal, make sure the seal is seated properly.

Some of the Hoovers have a Clean Surge feature, for example. If the “hookup procedure” during initial assembly is not performed correctly, you may experience leaks. This is an example of something to watch out for and an example of why you need to read the directions.

Pre-treat Bad Spots

Steam carpet cleaners can do a better job than a vacuum, but for the more affordable models you will often need to be more patient to get good cleaning results. Some people in this situation take to the habit of pre-treating their carpets before they use their carpet cleaners.

This gives the cleaning solution a chance to work on tough spots before you use the carpet cleaner to more or less “mop up” the bad spot. This technique can save you a lot of time if you have some spots that are soiled pretty badly on your carpets.

Go Slowly

This is a comment comment made by buyers of the more affordable machines more often than owners of the large, more heavy duty machines. A light duty machine might be light-duty after all, but it can do a heck of a cleaning job if you go slowly during cleaning and be patient with it.

For best results, take your time. The brushes need to get into the carpet and scrub. Let them do that, and if your machine also needs time to suck the moisture out of the carpets effectively, do that as well. Usually a good rule of thumb is that the more affordable and smaller the machine, the slower you should go to get good cleaning results.

Always Clean Your Carpet Cleaner After Use

Steam carpet cleaner maintenance is very important, for many reasons. Brushes and containers need to be cleaned properly after every use to ensure that they stay in optimal working condition. Detergent tanks and other parts need to be cleaned as well, you don’t want to leave any gunk anywhere on these machines after use, it will dry up and potentially cause problems during future use.

Some say that it is much more important to clean steam carpet cleaners after every use, compared to vacuum cleaners. The fact that they deal with water, wet detergent, and grime coming out of your carpets should be reason enough for us to reinforce this. Take good care of you carpet cleaner and it will last longer and be more effective for you.

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