How to Use a Carpet Steam Cleaner

Making use of a good carpet steam cleaner will surely leave your carpet crisp, clean and looks like you just had it the same day. If you don’t have a carpet steam cleaner at home, you can always rent one. Either buying or renting the tool, it is still way cheaper than getting the job done by any company or a professional who is offering the service.

However, not everyone knows how to use a carpet steam cleaner. Of course, when you buy or rent one, it will include a list of instructions on how to use a carpet steam cleaner, but some may still find it hard to understand the given instructions.

If so, you may want to read this article from top to bottom, because I will be giving you a general outline to follow if you don’t know how to use a carpet steam cleaner. Although each carpet steam cleaner come in different models, features and styles, they generally share the same procedures of how to use a carpet steam cleaner.

Please see the instructions below.

General guidelines on how to use a carpet steam cleaner:

  1. Prepare the entire room for steam cleaning. As much as you can, move objects that are situated in the area. Don’t leave anything in the room especially large objects like your living room items (sofa, table, entertainment counters etc…). However, if you can’t move them, you can still process with your steam cleaning, but expect that discoloration in your carpet may likely to happen because of some parts that can’t be clean steamed.
  2. Before using your carpet steam cleaner, make sure to clear the entire area from dust, debris and other particles left on the carpet. You can do this by vacuuming the entire room and sweep it clean.
  3. Once you are done with your vacuuming, go get your steam cleaner ready. Find the container on the body of the steam cleaner. Remove it and pour hot (not too hot) water combined with a cleaning agent of your choice. Make sure to read the user’s manual guide for the amount of water to be poured. Also, check the label of your cleaning agent on how much solution should you use on a specific amount of water. But then, most manufacturers of the cleaning agents normally suggest that you can make use of more amounts in order to have the toughest cleaning capability. You may also want to check the filtering system of the steam cleaner because there are times when it gets dirty after a prolonged used. If so, take the filter out and rinse it with hot water. This should remove the debris and grime within. When done with your water and cleaning agent mixture, snap in the container back to where you removed it.
  4. Another thing that you have to consider if you don’t know how to use a carpet steam cleaner is to start cleaning from one place of the house and work your way backwards. Spray in water to the carpet (just the right amount) using the trigger of the cleaner and push the entire body forward and backward. Do more strokes on areas that have heavy stains. You can also make use of a stain remover before gliding the carpet steam cleaner on that area.
  5. Once you are done clean steaming the whole area, allow the carpet to dry before putting back all of the things inside the room.

Tips on how to use a carpet steam cleaner effectively

  1. Always use clean socks covered with plastic (garbage bag) so that you won’t get any area of the carpet dirty again. This will help you preserve your carpet steam cleaner and not over use it.
  2. Make sure to use a cleaning agent always. This will help you achieve good results faster.
  3. Clean the body of your carpet steam cleaner after every use. This will maintain its quality to a tip top condition all the time.

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