How To Benefit From Your Very Own Carpet Steam Cleaner For Home / Commercial Use

If you are deciding to invest on a good carpet steam cleaner for your home or business, then you are doing the right thing if you want to cut down the cost that you are likely to pay if you are to hire a professional carpet steam cleaner to do the job for you. If you need to do steam cleaning for you carpet at home, you really don’t need to hire a professional to do the job, because with a good steamer, you can do the job easily and effectively. And if you need to have a carpet steam cleaner for your business, you don’t have to hire a third party company to clean your carpet tiles as long as you have your own in house maintenance who can work on using the carpet steam cleaner himself. This is one good way to cut down cost and monthly expenditures.

How much would I spend for a carpet steam cleaner? I hope It is not too much

One unit of the carpet steamer may be a bit costly especially if you are looking at a model with great heavy duty features. But even so, the price that you have to pay for one unit is still far better than paying for one cleaning session with a professional cleaner.

You just have to know some tips and tricks on how to use the carpet steam cleaner in order to achieve the results that you will probably get if professionally done.

Tips on how to clean your home the right way with your carpet steam cleaner:

  1. Make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the entire carpet area by dusting off the particles that should be there. Don’t skip the cleaning part – dust and vacuum the whole area and make sure that it is completely dust free before steaming.
  2. One thing that makes a professionally done steam cleaning look a lot better is because they do a lot of procedures before the actual steaming. Another procedure that needs to be done is the spot treatment. You will be using a professional cleaning chemical to get rid of those unwanted food spills that became stain after a while. You can buy spot remover for carpet in any home improvement store and make sure to get the best one to achieve good results. Check the instructions of use for the spot remover you have because they mostly vary from one brand to another.
  3. Once you are done dusting and spot cleaning your carpet, you are now ready to steam it with your carpet steam cleaner. If this is your first time to use the tool, make sure to read the user’s manual guide to avoid mishandling. But generally, you will always have to fill up the water container with lukewarm water with a few drops of the cleaning solution you have and start your steaming process.
  4. For you to have an organized way of cleaning, it will help if you start from the room that is farthest. You don’t want to step on the areas you have just cleaned right? Basically, you use the carpet steam cleaner in a motion just like how you do it with your regular vacuum cleaner.

Tip: Run the carpet steam cleaner at least three times in one area to achieve that professional look of steam cleaning that you want. Work your way backwards so that you won’t have to step on the areas that are done. Once you have covered the whole area, you must allow the carpet to dry for at least an hour before stepping on it. The carpet is moist, so if you are going to step on it with dirty shoes, it will easily catch the dirt and debris which may also cause stains that you have to remove again.

You don’t have to do steam clean your carpet every day just to keep its tip top condition. You can do steam cleaning every other month, or at least once every two months. Doing so will allow you to have the best clean looking carpet for your home or for your business.


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