General Information About Carpet Steam Cleaning

If you are considering having carpets in your home, you must also consider the fact that you will do some extra cleaning on it, in order to keep it clean and free from growing bacteria that may cause health problems to the people who are living inside the house. In this article, I will be giving you the tips and tricks on how to clean your carpet with a carpet steam cleaner.

How does a carpet steam cleaner work?

  1. It sprinkles a small amount of water plus cleaning agent into the surface of the carpet.
  2. The carpet steam cleaner sips the water back together with the dirt and debris from the carpet.

What are the things that need to be considered on or before using the carpet steam cleaner?

You will have to prepare the entire area first and make it ready for steam cleaning. It is best to steam clean the carpet if it was pre vacuumed already. Doing so will take away the debris that are easy to remove and leaving the debris and dirt that are much harder to remove. You can also start working on spots that needs to be treated with stain remover. Also, you may want to read the user’s manual guide just before you start working on your carpet steam cleaner just to avoid any mishandling during the process.

When dealing with stain removers, try not to use the right stain remover that is used for carpets alone. In the market, you will be seeing lots of different kinds of stain remover which serves its own use. Example, if you have a stain remover for your leather things like bags, furniture, wallets etc…don’t think that you can also use this for your carpet and think that it can be a great substitute. Carpet stain removers are made to be not too harsh on your carpet and will not cause any kind of damage like soiling and discoloration.

When dealing with the extraction of your carpet steam cleaner, make sure that it is working just enough to damp the carpet. You know if the carpet steam cleaner is extracting properly by touching the area and feel if the amount of water is just enough to damp the area and not wet it too much. Wetting the area too much will just lead to moisture and bacteria build up eventually, because the carpet steam cleaner will not be able to get all the moisture out.

Just a tip! Some people say that neutralizing a carpet is also one way to achieve a professionally done carpet steam cleaning. To neutralize the cleaning agent you have sprayed on to your carpet, you can mix vinegar and water. This will rinse out any sticky feeling from the carpet after carpet steam cleaning. Neutralizing the carpet will always keep the quality of it in tip top condition.

And last but not the least, make sure to allow your carpet to dry for about half an hour, to an hour, depending of course in the size of your carpet. If you think that the air from the windows will not be enough to dry your carpet, you can help speed up the process by taking your fans on and let the moving air dry out the moisture from your carpet.

So there you go! These are the tips I can share with you if you want to work on your carpet steam cleaner. Whether you have one for your home or you are renting one, knowing how to use it will definitely cut down the possible cost of hiring a professional to do the job for you. It is never cheap to hire a professional, plus they will not work on heavily stained carpets, unless you are willing to shed some more. But if you know how to do it yourself, you will be able to touch everything that needs to be cleaned.

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