Dang Cats!

Ahhh – what a morning.

I woke up very early today due to my wife repeatedly kicking me in her sleep. I don’t think she meant it, but who knows 🙂

So, I got out of bed, all tired, and decided to just get to work.

I went into the home office and proceeded to dig into some work for the day, and then I heard one of the cats scratching at the carpet in the corner – he had peed on the carpeting.

At least I noticed it right away this time.

I quickly dabbed up a bunch of the pee with paper towels, and then sprayed some oxy clean on the spot for a quick pre-treatment. While the oxy clean was doing it’s thing, I pulled my MaxExtract 60 (a Hoover) out of the closet and filled up the water tank.

My wife didn’t even wake up, even though I was running the steam cleaner in the room right next to the bedroom at 5am.

Within about 15 minutes, the whole mess was clean.

Back before I had this steam cleaner, stuff like that would have completely ruined my day due to the difficulty in cleaning cat messes without some sort of carpet deep cleaner.

But now, I don’t sweat it too much, since I know I will be able to clean up the mess fairly quickly, and do a good job of cleaning as well.

It still was a frustrating situation, but in a lot of ways I’m appreciative of how fast I’m able to clean up after the cats now. It saves me a lot of stress on days like today.

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